Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Fallontine's Day!!

Everyone knows I hate V-day.  Always have, and I'm thinking I probably always will.  It's just not a fun day for the single people of the world.  Add to it the fact that it was also the date of my dad's funeral, well... Yeah.  It's a pretty sucky day in my world, of craptastic proportions.

That being said, I always try to make the best of it.  I don't like to wallow in self-pity and sadness.  (Even during a week like this, when I'm really not feeling very joyful.)  First, I remind myself that I am single by choice.  I don't WANT a boyfriend, I LIKE my single life, I ENJOY living alone, and the thoughts of going on a date makes me wanna VOMIT.  And I don't do vomit.

Secondly, I try to make plans to spend time with some of the favourite people in my life.  I've been known to hang out with my ma, have sleepovers with my niece and nephew, visit with friends and their kiddos... whatever I can arrange to fill the day with "love" as much as possible. (Love... bleh.)  And those people have been really good to me in return, always making sure I feel the love from them as well.  (Love...bleh again.)

And thirdly, I plan treats.  Pizza.  Popcorn.  Chips.  Dip.  Candy.  Chocolate.  Diet Pepsi.  Cookies.  Cake.  All the things that make me drool.  And to go along with them, a movie.  Because watching movies is one of my all-time absolute favourite things to do.  If I'm with the kids, I get them to watch one of my old favourites from when I was a kid, or a Disney movie that I love.  If I'm on my own, I usually go for a romantic comedy that makes me smile.

The past few years?  The movie choice has been "Fever Pitch".  

Any of you have seen it know why... Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy is my fave.  My ultimate crush.  Funny, sweet, genuine, musical, happy-go-lucky, cute... Jimmy is literally the walking embodiment of what I consider the perfect man.  I started watching him over two years ago, during his last few weeks of hosting the Late Show, then moved on with him to the Tonight Show, and I literally never miss an episode.  I love looking up old SNL clips on Youtube to watch him, and. I've also bought almost every movie he's ever appeared in (there aren't many, so it hasn't been hard to build my "collection" haha!)

"Fever Pitch" is definitely my favourite Jimmy movie.  A sweet romantic comedy, the lovely Drew Barrymore co-stars, and it involves baseball, which is one of my favourite sports to watch.  It is the perfect movie for me!  No surprise that it is usually the movie I turn to, to comfort myself with on my least favourite day of the year, right?

Well, this year, folks, it's even better.  When I watched my PVR'd episode of the Tonight Show from Monday night, I found out that this V-day, I'm going to get to double the Fallon Fun.  Because not only will I be watching "Fever Pitch", I will also be watching the two-hour Tonight Show Valentine's Day Special that will be airing Sunday evening at 9 pm.

Two hours of looking back on all the best moments from Jimmy's first two years as host of the Tonight Show.  It's like the V-day gods were looking out for me this year, and decided to hand me my very own little present.

This is seriously going to be the best V-day EVER!!!!!  Because it's officially now known as FALLONTINE'S DAY!!!

So today, I'm wishing you all a wonderful Fallontine's Day weekend with your loved ones.  I hope it is filled with sweet treats and special moments. And if all else fails, I hope you shower yourself with your favourite things.

Happy Fallontine's Day :)

PS - Jimmy is doing this cool thing, where you can send a valentine to your loved one via Jibjab, putting your faces in to the video of Stephen Bishop's song "It Might Be You", as performed on The Tonight Show a few weeks ago.  Of course, I have no one to send one to - DEPRESSING MUCH?? - but I still think it's a cool idea, so I'm sharing with all of you. ;)   Here is the link with the instructions: 

Once again... Happy Fallontine's Day!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... we'll blame it on the February blahs, k?  Not feeling very bright and shiny these days.  Trying not to get too "down", though, so I'm going with a cheer-myself-up post... looking around to find the things I'm loving this Wednesday:

I'm loving the hostess gift a friend brought to me at Book Club on Friday evening.  Totally unnecessary, but I admit that the beautiful mug and fuzzy socks brightened me right up.  It was as if she climbed into my brain and plucked out two of my very favourite simple little things.  I get great joy out of sipping coffee or hot chocolate out of a cool mug, and putting on colourful fuzzy warm socks.  A perfect wintery gift for me!

I kind of love that I'm alone in a quiet office today.  I'm in a bit of a crank, so I can just sit here and stew and not worry about my cranky mood effecting others. lol  The snow is falling gently, I have Spotify playing quietly, and I'm working through my basket at my own pace with little to no interruptions.  It really is the little things sometimes...

I LOVE that I got to bring home my latest painting project last week!  I had so been enjoying my neighbour/artist/friend Shannon's paint nites that I decided to take some private painting lessons with her.  During the month of January, I was working on a larger 3-part version of the birch tree painting she had been doing with her paint niters.  I specifically needed something to hang in my dining room, and it brought me great pride and joy to finally bring it home and hang it last Friday.  Can't thank Shannon enough for her guidance and patience in helping me complete this project!

That being said... I've missed going to the regular paint nites, so I love that I'm going back this Friday.  Bonus:  this painting looks like it might be my favourite one yet!!  The winter scenes just speak to me!!  I will hopefully have a pic to show you next week.

I think I say this on almost every What I'm Loving Wednesday post, but I really do love Jimmy Fallon, so very much.  He almost always gives me something to smile about, even when I don't really feel like smiling much.

I love this song right now (I chose the lyric video because the actual vid was a little too "sexy time" for the blog lol):

I really loved the Pancake Supper that our local Lions Club put on for our community last night. It was probably the best Pancake Supper I've ever been at, everything was just delicious!  I was joined by my mom, my sister, and my niece and nephew, and we sat and chatted with friends for a long time.  A really nice night out in our little town. :)

I also love that I think I've finally got rid of all the snacks that were lingering around my house all weekend.  I kind of went over-board on snacks for Book Club, and thus hosted a Superbowl Party on Sunday to get rid of some of the extras.  I still had leftovers to bring to work yesterday!  yeesh!!  I have to make this kind of stuff disappear or I'll eat it all myself! lol

I love that last weekend was such a good one spent with family and friends, and this one coming up should be too by the looks of it (althought it's going to be a darned cold one!)  I'm thankful for the people in my life who brighten my spirits.  Just being around them can help me ward of the February blahs.

So...  what are you loving this Wednesday?  Have you been struck by the February blahs too?  What's getting you through?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

And there goes January...

OK, January isn't gone yet.  Still a few days left.  But it's my last day of work for the week, and when I'm back at this desk again, it will be February.  And that's kind of bewildering.

Januaries are weird.  I think I always have this thought as I watch the first month of the year fade away.  On one hand, it's like zip, poof, bam - she's gone!  Where the heck did that month GO?!?  On the other hand, Christmas feels like it was a million years ago, and in that respect, the month seems to have dragged on forever.

The January Blahs.  I've had 'em.  Not that I've felt particularly blue or anything.  I truly do love this time of year, when the weather is cold and the snow has fallen.  It encourages hibernation.  I relish the days of making soup and baking cookies, working on jigsaw puzzles and adult colouring, watching movies or reading, sipping hot chocolate... I've made great efforts to get my ass out of the house (even if it's just across the road to Shannon's to paint), so I haven't totally become a grizzly bear in hibernation, but my instinct this time of year is to curl up in a blanket and disappear, and I really do like to do that.

That said, I haven't escaped the Blahs, either.  As I mentioned, Christmas feels like it was ages ago, and that makes me a little sad.  The warm & fuzzy holiday glow is my absolute favourite, so when it rescinds, I feel a little empty and I hate letting it go.  Then it takes me a while to adjust to reality after the holidays. The first few weeks of January are a little rough as the transition from Christmas to New Year gradually takes place.  It takes me a while to find my feet, to get used to embracing the slower pace, to settle in to the routine of the quieter winter months.

It's not an unwelcome time of year... it's just... different.

I've mentioned to a few people that I seem to have fallen into an odd and slightly alarming pattern this January.  I get home from work shortly after 4 in the afternoon, and I usually read for awhile before supper.  Then I eat, I work on a puzzle or colour, I watch TV or a movie, and suddenly I'm falling asleep on the couch at like 7:30-8:00 in the evening.  I move up to my bed around 10 and then sleep through the night.  I'm getting something like 9-10 hours of sleep some nights.  I've tried drinking a late afternoon coffee (something I usually never do).  I've tried finding something to do in the kitchen.  I've tried keeping busy. But sometimes there really isn't anything to do.

Like, am I seriously becoming a grizzly bear???

When I tell people about it, they usually just shrug and say, "It's that time of year..."  And I guess it's the truth.  It's still getting dark early, the pace is slower, and curling up on the couch sounds like more fun than trying to find a project.  Because believe me, there ARE things to do.  Cleaning closets, de-cluttering the house, scrapbooking, organizing my photos, etc... all jobs I had on my list of things to do this winter that all have remained untouched as of yet.

A whole month wasted?  In some ways, maybe.  But part of me really thinks that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now... hunkering down and soaking up my beloved winter days.  These are the days that many people are wishing away, as they count down the days to spring and pray for more sunlight and warmer weather.

Not me, though.  I'm more of a "gaze out the window at the snowflakes falling" kind of girl.  Hibernating is my thing.  I'll rouse myself eventually.  I'll get things done.  But January was my month to curl up in a ball and hide away.  I think that's the best way to ride out the Blahs.

We'll see what February brings...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let's Talk

Today is Bell Let's Talk day all across our great country, as Bell uses communication via smartphones and social media to raise money for mental health awareness and care.  For every call or text through Bell, and every Facebook share of the Bell Lets Talk image or tweet of #BellLetsTalk today, Bell donates 5 cents to mental health initiatives in our country.

It's an amazing day.  They started the Bell Let's Talk day 6 years ago, and I have been a willing and proud participant each year.  It's incredible to see the enthusiasm and support this day has received, and how it grows bigger and bigger each year.

I paused to think about it this morning, and how much has changed over the past 6 years thanks to initiatives like Bell Let's Talk Day, as well as organizations such as Do It For Daron, and celebrities and athletes coming forward like Clara Hughes, Howie Mandel, Michael Landsberg, and so on.  6 years ago, mental illness was still very much a taboo topic.  People didn't talk about it like they do now.  People were ashamed.  People were hiding it and trying to act like nothing was wrong.  People were taking their own lives and their loved ones were left shocked and heart-broken, wishing they could have done something to help.

I know that still happens today, 6 years later.  I can think of several people over the last few years that we've lost and had no idea they were fighting demons, waging war against depression or anxiety.  And it makes me so sad, because they were so loved.  They had people who would have done anything to keep them here with us.  They are the ones who leave us thinking, "Was there something I could have done?  How did I not know?"

But I know that is happening less often now.  People are more open about their mental health issues, they are more likely to seek help.  They are more likely to talk to someone.  They are being encouraged not to hide it like a dirty secret.  They are being told they are NOT alone, no matter how isolated and afraid and sad they are.  We are doing everything in our power to erase the stigma, and while I know there is still a lot of work to be done, it is happening.

I hesitate to throw my hat into the "mental health issues" ring, as I know there are people who deal with far worse than I do.  But I do battle anxiety on a daily basis.  And I can trace those feelings of anxiety as far back as I can remember.  I have never seen a therapist about it, but I have no doubt that if I did, I'd be diagnosed with some sort of anxiety disorder, maybe even more than one.  On good days, I consider myself nothing more than a silly little worry-wart.  But there are bad days, usually brought on by outside sources that I can't control.  I have a very big fear of change, I stress out greatly over things I have no control over, I obsess over things I DO have control over, I'm pretty sure I have an issue with commitment (hence why I'm happily single and the thoughts of going on a date makes me want to, quite literally, throw up), and I think I have the ability to become a hermit if I'm not careful.

Coming out of my comfort zone is painful.  I try very hard to keep myself in a calm and relaxed happy place as much as I can to avoid feeling like I'm tied up in knots all the time.  And also to prevent myself from breaking out in hives.  And also to prevent myself from eating all the foods.

I have masked my issues over the years with jokes and humour as much as possible, and I still do.  I downplay it.  I laugh about it.  But it doesn't make it any less real.

I have coping mechanisms.  I have a circle of family and friends that I know I can turn to, and I'm not afraid to talk to them about it.  They know me well enough to know when to push, and when to let it go.  They know when I need a little hand-holding, or a good swift kick in the ass.  I have never been in such a dark place that I felt I didn't have anywhere to turn.  Thank God.

I also have creative outlets that help.  If it's something I can't talk about, then I write.  Writing things down always seems to help ease my worry and strife.  I have learned that artistic outlets, such as painting and adult colouring, also are a big help to me.  And, though it's taken me a long, long time to realize it, I know that exercise is also a big help.  Nothing seems too big or too difficult after a half an hour of sweating my ass off.

And I pray.  I know the mantra "Let go, and let God" might sound corny and clich├ęd, but I say it a lot.  I talk to God, I bear my worries and fears, and I ask Him for help.  Then I try very hard to let go and let Him do his thing.

I repeat things like, This too shall pass, and remind myself of other times when life wasn't exactly going along lickity-split all smooth-like, and then remember that those bad days eventually faded away and good times came again.  And the good times will come again.  I truly believe that.  There are times when I hold on to that belief like a life-preserver.

I am grateful that a day like today exists now in this world.  I'm grateful for Bell Let's Talk and Do It For Daron and all the people who are spearheading this mission to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.  I am glad they are opening doors and shedding light and allowing people to not be so afraid or feel so alone.

Today, I am tweeting and sharing, not only for myself, but for the people in my life who I understand now so much better because they have felt they can share and try to explain what goes on inside their heads rather than hide it and feel ashamed.  Because of initiatives like Bell Let's Talk Day, they are more open and using their voices to advocate.

I can't help but think of the ones who could not be saved; the ones who saw no light at the end of the tunnel, who fought their battles alone and ended up thinking this world was better off without them. The ones who didn't talk about it. The ones we didn't know about, or didn't realize it was that bad.  The ones who we would have done anything to help, if only we had known.

Talk to somebody.  Talk to anybody.  You are not alone.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Sickies

I stayed home yesterday because I was sick. I was not impressed.  I do NOT get sick!!!  Like, ever.  The odd sinus headache, a few minor colds over the years, but in general, I don't get sick.  So yeah... I was not a happy camper.

The only thing I can say is it was the "good" kind of sick.  And by that, I mean that I wasn't throwing up.  I think I've mentioned here before that I have an incredible fear of vomit - my own, or other's.  Just typing the word gives me the heebie-jeebies.  Seeing someone else get sick can literally ruin my entire day.  There was an incident last winter when I was at Boston Pizza with my family and I happened to be sitting in a position that allowed me to witness a child getting sick at the table.  No one else saw it happen (thank God) but my dinner - and day - was ruined.  Felt bad for the kid, but... yuck.  Took me a long time before I could even go into Boston Pizza again after that.  The only other person I've ever known who has the same fear and anxiety over it is my friend Stacy's daughter, Maddy.  When Stace talks about how upset Maddy gets when someone else in their home is sick, I can totally relate.  I know that nobody likes it, but  I do believe that Maddy and I literally fear it.

So, anyways... my apologies for that gross little paragraph.  The point of it all was that I wasn't "that" kind of sick.  I literally think my body knows that I hate getting sick "that" way so it just doesn't allow it to happen.  (Unless I drink too much wine.  Then it has no control over it.)

The main indicator that something was wrong with me?  My stomach felt so blech that I didn't want to eat.  Like, at all.  And if Jill doesn't want to eat, then we know we have a serious problem.  I had a few sips of coffee in the morning, but most of it went down the drain.  I forced a few bites of brown rice and a banana at lunchtime, just because I knew I had to eat something.  I planned to have the same for supper but thoughts of it made me cringe.  I made up some Jello, and then decided on Kraft Dinner for supper because nothing else sounded appealing.  I only had one little bowl.  Even  my beloved cold water, which I down like a drug on any other day, was ignored for the most part.  Just reaching for the cup seemed to be too unappealing.  

This is EXTREMELY abnormal for me, folks.

I was weak, I was lethargic, and I feel like I slept all day.  Literally.  I'd muster up the energy to put on a DVD, and then I'd sleep through the movie.  I'd find a daytime talk show that I normally don't get to watch, and then I'd sleep through it.  I made myself sit up and start reading "Wuthering Heights", but I don't think I got through a paragraph before I'd fallen asleep.  At one point I'd decided the couch was not comfortable enough, so I moved back up to my bed to watch a movie there, and dun-dun-dun, asleep in minutes.  I forced myself several times to sit up and do some adult colouring, if for no other reason than to say I did something other than sleep.

It was so bad that I was sure I would be wide awake all night considering all the time I spent sleeping during the day, but as it turns out, it wasn't a problem at all.  I slept right through the night, no problemo.

This morning, I woke to my alarm and I instantly recognized that I felt much better.  I suppose almost 24 straight hours of sleep will do that?  I got up and did a light workout, and it was then that I realized that even though the tummy issues had settled down, I still didn't have much energy.  Just getting through a non-strenuous half-hour walk/jog DVD was a struggle.  Also, food still holds no appeal.  I keep thinking of all that stuff I prepped on Monday that I was so proud of, and excited to eat.  It's sitting in containers in my fridge, and I have absolutely ZERO desire to eat it.  Those Mexican burrito bowls I was going to try out for suppers this week - well, just the thoughts of it makes me want to cringe.

I'm back at my desk, because I think if I slept another whole day, I might be clinically dead.  The worst is over.  Here's hoping my appetite comes back soon, because food is the joy of my life, and without it... well, let's just say I need to get excited when I think about pizza or else things just aren't right in the world.

Pizza. BLEH.  Yeah, obviously still not 100%.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Fun Winter Weekend

As most of you know, I'm on my "short winter week" work schedule right now, and I do believe that plays a big part in why I love winter so much.  Having Mondays and Fridays off during the months of January, February and March opens up so much free time!  I like to maximize my long weekends as much as possible, and I must say, this past one was great!

Friday morning, I headed off to do groceries in a neighbouring town, and I brought friends Caryl and Shannon along with me.  It was a productive shopping trip, and I got almost everything I needed on my list, including lots of healthy foods to stock up on.  Last week went well in the healthy eating department, and I wanted it to continue!  We had lunch at one of my favourite local places, Cafe 349, and my panini and salad were divine.  Since I just tooted my own healthy eating horn two seconds ago, I won't mention the giant, drool-worthy slab of chocolate peanut butter cheesecake I had for dessert... (omg it was good!!)

We were home early afternoon, so I had time to get my house tidied up, baked some of my new favourite chocolate chip cookies, and got supper prepped, as I had my friend Sara and her three adorable kiddos coming over for supper and a visit that night.  We had a great chat and a fun picnic-style supper on the living room floor - pizza muffins, bacon bunnies, veggies, chips and dip, and cookies! I was so glad to finally have them over, as I'd been wanting to have them for a long time!  I especially loved it when I took my camera out to capture a "picture of the day" for my Project 365, and Charlotte, Daniel and Hannah really hammed it up for the camera!  Too cute!

I got an iPhone this past weekend.  It was a weird and almost unsettling combined with exciting change for this longtime Blackberry user.  Lindsay and Sam popped in for a visit Saturday morning, and after they left, I literally spent hours sitting on the couch trying to figure out the new phone.  I eventually had to force myself to go get showered and ready for the day.  My plans for making a pot of soup flew out the window, as the phone became my main occupation.  Crazy how time can just disappear when you're playing around with something like that!  I finally have Instagram... I still don't really "get it", but I have it! ;)

Can you tell I have no clue what I'm doing?  #myfirstinstagram

Saturday afternoon, my mom and I headed off to my sister's place, as we were celebrating my BIL's birthday that day.  We had a great time, and enjoyed a delicious spaghetti supper and his favourite cherry cheesecake for dessert.  Yum!

Sunday morning was church, and then after brunch, Mom and I decided to go out on a tour of the back roads so that I could take some winter scenery photographs.  We came home and had homemade pizza for supper, and just relaxed and watched TV.

Yesterday was another busy and productive day for a Monday off!  I got up early as if I was going to work, and got my exercising in before the sun came up.  Once I was showered and dressed, I did a few loads of laundry, and I also hit the kitchen to do some meal prepping for the week.  I made a big pot of stuffed pepper soup, a pot of brown rice, I roasted some butternut squash for Mexican burrito bowls that I want to try out for supper this week, I got some veggies cut up and ready for quick snacking, and I also made some energy balls to have in the fridge for snacks.

Then I was off next door to Shannon's to do some painting!  I've been taking some private art lessons with her, as she's helping me do a bigger version of one of her paintings that she's featured this month during her Paint Nites.  My mom and some of her friends were there painting yesterday, so while they were working on their birch tree paintings, I was working on mine too.  I got a lot more done than I expected, and I can't wait to have the finished project hanging in my home.  Another few sessions and I should have them finished! Yay!!

 This is how my project looked when I started yesterday - I don't have pictures uploaded from how it looked when I was done for the day!

I stole this from Shannon's Facebook - it's the finished work of my mom and her friends.  I think they did a great job!!

I got home late afternoon, and spent the evening reading, relaxing, and catching up on a bunch of PVR'd episodes of Criminal Minds. I'll say it again... Oh how I love my winter long weekends!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Random Thursday Thoughts

My mind is kind of scattered all over today, so why not do a little random rambling?
  • Yesterday was not the greatest day of my life.  Not the worst either, so I guess there's that, but it was kinda sucky.  I got my first flat tire when I was driving to get the mail in town, and of course it happened on probably the coldest day of the year.  Thankfully, I was only a few minutes from both home and work (the beauty of only working 5 minutes from home lol) - so I had several rescue options.  I went  with my first choice of calling back to Mountainview to see if someone could come help me.  Within minutes, two of the guys who work out in the shop, Denis and Mitch, arrived on the scene, and had me fixed up before I knew it.  They didn't even let me get out of my car, told me to sit tight, keep it running and stay warm.  (which kind of made me nervous, because my car manual said to never stay in a car that's being jacked up... but all was OK. lol)  I made them these chocolate chip cookies as a little thank you gift.
  • For the record - while I waited on the guys, I read my manual and tried to figure out if I could change a tire by myself.  For the record:  No way, no how.  Not a chance in hell.
  • I also realized yesterday I had made a mistake in my weekly social notes in our local newspaper.  I hate when I accidentally screw up in my notes.  I took something someone had submitted to me and made a little change to it which I thought was cute, but ended up being a mistake.  Just wasn't thinking.  Felt like SUCH a bonehead.
  • Then, a friend of mine sent me a message to tell me she was reading my Resolutions blog post, and was giggling because I said I was going to "Netflix and Chill".  She told me to google it.  Sure enough - "Netflix and Chill" does not  mean what I thought it meant (which, of course, was watch Netflix and relax).  Again, felt like a bonehead.  An OLD bonehead who isn't up on the street talk anymore apparently.  And I was worried about how many people had read it and were giggling to themselves about it, but thought it was funnier just to not tell me and let me continue using the term "Netflix and Chill".  *sigh*
  • If you read yesterday's post, you would see where I declared at the end that the one pop culture biggie that I will never attempt is Star Wars.  And then my friend Sarah commented and said it was one of the best movies she'd ever seen in her life.  Up until now, the only people I'd heard raving about it were already Star Wars fans.  Sarah was not.  So I take that opinion a little more seriously, and I'm now thinking maybe I do need to see it.  She strongly suggests seeing it in 3D, so I guess if I am going to see it, I need to do so soon while it's still in theatres!
  • I'm reading our next Book Club book "Furiously Happy: A funny book about horrible things" by Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) and I'm really enjoying it.  I love her rambly style of writing - all my life, I've been told by teachers and other writers that I ramble too much, so it's kind of cool to see that Jenny has made it an art form.  I love her sense of humour.  I love how she can take a very serious matter like mental illness and address it as a very serious matter and yet still poke fun at it, find the humour in it, tell funny stories, and laugh at herself (she had her own variety of serious mental health issues going on, so she's allowed).
  • I had PVR'd a movie called "10 Years" off the W Network a while back, and while I was down on the couch with a headache the other night, I decided to turn it on.  I had never heard of this 2012 release, but it starred names like Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long, Chris Pratt, Kate Mara, Scott Porter, and so on, so I figured it was worth a watch.  It was about a 10-year high school reunion; all these friends get back together for one night of drinking & reminiscing, and while it wasn't anything wow-worthy, I really enjoyed it.  There was a moment in it that has become my new favourite romantic movie moment.  I recommend you see it if you are a bit of a chick-flick fan, or a bit of a "big romantic moment" fan, or even just a Channing Tatum fan will do. ;)
  • It's so nice to be on Winter hours right now.  I enjoy the slower pace of the winter so much - more free time, more time to do what I want, time to shop and watch movies and make puzzles and relax.  I'm doing groceries tomorrow and I'm excited to make soup sometime this weekend.  I think I'm going to try out this Stuffed Pepper Soup recipe I found on-line.  It sounds yummy & on the healthier side, bonus!
Hope you are all having a great week :)