Thursday, December 08, 2016

The things in my brain today.

It's just one of those days when I need to have a random outpouring of thoughts.  Please enjoy.

  • So, last weekend I thought I was dying.  Do you remember back around Halloween time when  my tonsils were bleeding and I had to go to the hospital for penicillin?  And then had to go back four days later because I had an allergic reaction to said penicillin?  Well, both times the triage nurses told me I had high blood pressure.  With concerned looks on their faces.  And both times they recommended I see my doctor about that asap.  I have an appointment booked with my family doc in January, but in the meantime, I've been checking in with the google doctor, and he, of course, told me I was dying.  Awesome.
  • I've been thinking about this high blood pressure problem off and on for the past month, worrying about it a little here and there, but for some reason, on Friday night, it came to a head.  I had a bunch of friends in for our Crazy Christmas Sock party, and we had a blast, but at the back of my head all night, I kept thinking, "I might be dying right now, and no one even knows it."  I forced myself to try not to think about it, though, and instead enjoyed my new festive punch, which I call "Rudolph's Red Nose".  We also played a little game to exchange our socks, had lots of yummy snacks, and played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.  Overall, it was a great night with the ladies!

  •  After the party people left, I cleaned up a bit and went to bed, and proceeded to lay awake all night absolutely convinced that my heart was going to explode in my chest.  It was pounding so loudly it was all I could hear, and it seemed to be racing too.  I know I slept a bit eventually, but for most of the night, all I did was listen to my heart pound and gallop and fear that this was the end for me.
  • The next morning, I went back to Dr. Google and asked him if I should be concerned about a pounding, racing heart.  Turns out, the answer is no, you don't need to be concerned, it's usually nothing more than the indication of anxiety or a panic attack.  So I guess I'd worked myself into such a tizzy over this high blood pressure problem that I gave myself a panic attack.  Just super.
  • For the record, I don't think triage nurses should be pursing their lips with concerned looks on their faces and telling people they have high blood pressure.  Because usually, if you have high blood pressure, you want to try and lower it.  And I'm pretty sure I've done the opposite, stressing myself over it and convincing myself my heart was going to explode.  Not helpful, triage nurses.
  • Thankfully, my mom had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and she talked to the doc a bit about me and my high blood pressure and my panicking over it, and he told her to tell me to CHILL.  He's pretty sure I'm not going to die, at least not before I see him in January, and that having high blood pressure does not mean my heart will explode.  And he also told her to tell me to stop googling.  He knows me so well.
  • Now that I'm over my December Health Crisis, I feel like I can relax a bit.  I mean, yes, there are other things to stress over:  I have no money, and I still have a few odds and ends to get to finish off gifts, and I haven't started wrapping yet, and I have no time to watch movies, but at least my heart isn't going to explode.  It's the little things, y'know?
  • I had a goal, and that was to finish watching Scandal before Christmas so that when I'm off the week between Christmas and New Year's, I could hunker down and start the Gilmore Girls.  But because I was spending all my spare time trying to squeeze in episodes of Scandal, I was having no free time to watch my Christmas specials and movies that I love.  There's only a short window of time to get them all in, and I haven't hardly watched any of them.  And on top of it all, Fuller House Season 2 hits Netflix on Friday, and I know I'm going to want to watch it too because it appears there's a lot of Christmassy stuff going down this season.  So, I have made the difficult decision to press "pause" on Scandal until after the holidays.  It will be the show I hunker down on when I'm off for a week, and the Gilmore Girls will be waiting for me when I'm done.  I'm sure I'll still get lots of cozy winter hibernating time with them as well.  
  • So last night, I watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (original cartoon, because it's the best), and I started watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" but I fell asleep.  *sigh*
  • Last night, I also tried out a new Christmas cookie recipe that I ended up LOVING.  I had so many candied cherries left over that I didn't use with my shortbread, and I was trying to find recipes that used them, but apparently they are ONLY used in shortbread or fruitcake (blech).  I did find one for Chocolate Cherry Nut cookies, though, and I had all ingredients on hand, so I made them, and they were SO GOOD.  Not the prettiest cookies I've ever made, mind you, but the taste more than made up for the appearance!
  • My new favourite December thing to do is make popcorn in my new popcorn maker and hot chocolate in my new Starbucks mug that Shannon gifted me with, and cozy up on the couch to watch a movie.  OK, so I've only done it twice, and I always fall asleep as soon as the popcorn and hot chocolate is done, but whatever.
  • Did I tell you guys I got new boots?  I got new boots.  And I HATE them.  I had another pair ordered that I LOVED, but, son of a bitch, the damn things wouldn't zip up over my fat calves.  It was such a shame, because they were $225 boots on sale for $87 from Sears.  So I returned them and ordered this other pair (mainly because they also were on sale), and I didn't like them from the moment I laid eyes on them, but I basically kept them because I just didn't want to be bothered returning them again.  And they were only $60.  But I think they're a bit too small, and they rub on my heels and give me blisters, and I'm only wearing them because I have no other boots to wear.  If I ever get my head back above water financially after Christmas, I'll be on the hunt for another new pair of boots.  GOD I had buying boots.
  • The Christmas House Tour was on Monday night, and it was wonderful!  I forgot my camera, but trust me, the houses were beautiful, and all so different and unique.  We were a bit down in ticket sales this year, but I'm still calling it a big success, because everyone that came out seemed to have a great time and I've heard many positive reviews.  One of the highlights was the snowman in the tub at Mike & Bernice's, and I was lucky enough to have my photo snapped with him! HA!
Hope you're all having a GREAT week!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Feelin' Christmassy

1. Let's talk holiday decorating. On a scale of 1-10 where do you fall? (1=Scrooge and 10= Clark Griswold). What's your favorite corner-room-table-space to decorate? Is it done?

Well, I'd have to rank myself a 7, I'd say.  I think I definitely decorate indoors more than the average joe, especially after being on the Christmas House Tour several years ago.  I amassed a lot more decorations at that time, and I try to put almost everything out.  Two Christmas trees, lots of snowmen and Santa Claus stuff, snowflakes, candles, etc. - my downstairs is pretty decked out.  Upstairs, I put a few decorations in my own room, the spare room, and the bathroom.  Where I deduct points for myself is in my efforts outside.  I have the WORST luck with Christmas lights, and I find decorating outdoors to be frustrating in general.  Things blow over, nothing ever looks nice...this year, I kind of just gave up.  I have lights on the one little shrub outside my door, and a wreath, and that's it.  Clark Griswold, I am not.

2. Is there a nativity scene in your decorating somewhere? Post a picture or, if it's special to you in some way, tell us why. Or do both-it's Christmas!

Funny, I was just talking about this this morning.  I kind of stole the Nativity Scene from our church! haha!  Whoops!!  My dad made a wooden Nativity Scene for our church years ago, and I borrowed it to have displayed for the Christmas House Tour.  At that time, one of the members of our church who also happens to be the Chair of the church board told me he thought I should keep it, and so I did.  My mother, however, disagrees, and has told me several times she can't believe I took Dad's Nativity Scene from the church and never gave it back.

I have several Nativity Scenes, but I've never found one I really loved, aside from this one.  The sentimental value and simplicity of it definitely makes it my favourite.  I've tried to decide this morning whether or not my dad would be pleased.  I mean, he DID make it specifically for the church.  But I do think he might get a kick out of the fact that I stole it for myself.  

I don't have a close-up of the Nativity Scene, but I had it displayed under my dining room tree on the house tour, you can kind of see it down there...

3.  Do you live in a social neighborhood? If so are you glad? If not do you wish you did?

I live on the main street of our little town, right in the middle of town, so I'm not sure I really consider it a "neighbourhood".  But I do have some great neighbours!  I visit with Shannon across the road on a regular basis, the McCanns just down the street a bit who I'm close with, and I have lots of great people down the hill behind me in their own little hood. That being said, I also have some "sketchy" characters not far from me as well, which I try not to let bother me, but they can make life interesting at times... It's not the same as the neighbourhood I grew up in, but I'm happy to have good people around me for the most part whom I trust and are friends.

4.  As the saying goes, 'there's no time like the present'. How does that ring true in your life right now?

I'm TRYING to make this ring true, because this time of year, I can let myself get out of control worrying and fretting about what's to come and what's still to be done.  I'm trying to live in the moment, enjoy each day for what it is, and soak up my favourite season instead of stressing out about how everything's going to get done... so far, not being to successful at this, but I'm a work in progress.

5. Do you dread Mondays? Why or why not?

Yes, sadly.  I do.  I blame this on my father, who also hated Mondays.  Actually, I think I hate Sunday evenings even more, because that's when the dread starts to set in.  I try to remind myself there's nothing to be upset about, I love where I work and I enjoy going to work, but I can't help but get the blues as each weekend comes to a close.

6.  Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis-which on the list is your favorite holiday plant? Are any of these on display in your home right now?

I do not have a green thumb, so indoor plants are absent from my home.  If I had to choose one, though, I would go with a poinsettia.  They are so pretty & festive!

7. Share a favorite quote from a Christmas movie.

I tend to quote Elf a lot this time of year... and I'm not sure I can pick just one!

"Buddy the Elf, what's your favourite colour?" (when he answers the phone)
"Son of a NUTCRACKER!!"
“I planned out our whole day. First we’ll make snow angels for a two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.”
"I just like to smile, smiling's my favourite."
"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!"

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I'm finding myself in a holiday conondrum, which I think happens to me every year.  There is so much fun stuff going on every weekend, and so much to get done in the evenings to prepare, that I'm having NO TIME to do one of my favourite things, and that is watch all of my beloved Christmas specials and movies.  I don't think I've watched even ONE yet!  I mean, I had Christmas movies on while I decorated the tree in the living room, but that was like a month ago now, and I barely paid attention to them because I was focusing on the tree.  I tried watching The Holiday on Saturday night, but I fell asleep about 10 minutes in.  There are so many festive gatherings planned over the next two weekends, and I fall asleep so easily on week nights when I sit down to watch TV.   AND on Friday, season 2 of Fuller House comes out on Netflix, and I know I'm going to want to watch that.  So tell me,  WHEN I'm going to have time to watch everything??  
I get stressed out over the stupidest things. ;)

Friday, December 02, 2016

Five Things on Friday!

Playing along with the Five Things on Friday... just five things I'm thinking about this morning!
  1. Welp. I took the first big dirty flip of my curling career last night.  Everyone warned me it was bound to happen eventually, but it happened so fast... all I remember is Sue and I were the sweepers and the rock was going fast, we were kinda half-jogging to keep up.  Once it got to the other end, we were slowing up and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back.  Thankfully I had the wherewithal to keep my head up, and there were no rocks around me, so no serious damage done.  My well-padded ass absorbed the brunt of it. ;)  Just a sore elbow this morning.  More embarrassing than anything!  So now I'm in the market for a pair of curling shoes... they tell me they grip better than normal running shoes.  I have a feeling I'll still end up on my ass from time to time, but if it prevents a few flips, maybe it's worth it.
  2. I'm so excited for our Girls Crazy Christmas Sock party tonight!  Some of my fave ladies are coming over for our annual Christmas get-together, with snacks, drinks, and we are switching things up this year by having a "crazy Christmas sock" exchange.  Each lady must bring a pair of Christmas socks filled with Christmassy treats and goodies.  I have a little game planned for us to do the exchange.  I'm looking forward to getting off work a little bit early so that I can get home, tidy the house up, get the food and punch prepared, and be ready for the girls when they arrive!
  3. Tomorrow should be another wonderfully festive day, as I'm planning to FINALLY start my Christmas baking.  I have my list made, and all the supplies bought, so it's time to crank up the Christmas tunes and get my bake on.  I'll take a little break in the afternoon, as my mom and I are going to a Christmas Tea & Bazaar at the Anglican church in Shawville.  This was my Grandma's church, and I always loved going to this tea with her.  We still try to go every year, it's just one of those traditions that feels important.
  4. Saturday evening, my big plan is to cozy up on the couch with a bowl of fresh-popped popcorn (made in my new popcorn maker) and watch a couple of Christmas movies.  There hasn't been much time yet to do so, and as December gets rolling, the opportunities for cozy Christmas movie nights will be even fewer and farther between.  I'm going to snag this opportunity while I can!
  5. So, after reading Lindsay's blog post this morning, I now have a very deep longing and desire to get a Mini Bernedoodle.  I don't even like dogs, and I want one of these puppies.  The thing is, normally I look at a picture of a puppy and it's so cute, but once I see the grown-up version, I'm not so interested.  (If I'm not a dog person, I'm REALLY not a big-dog-person.)  But I thought this puppy was cute even as a grown-up.  Now if only I had thousands of dollars lying around...
Happy Friday, friends!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's already Wednesday!  WOO HOO!!  Here's what I'm loving this Wednesday:

I'm loving the memories of a fun & relaxing weekend, the first truly festive weekend of the Christmas season!  I kicked if off Friday by celebrating (maybe a smidge too much) at our company Christmas luncheon.  The good news is, I didn't throw any chunks of ice at anybody's head.  The bad news is, I don't think anyone will ever play poker with me again.  The party wound down fairly early this year, so lots of water and early to bed (by 10:30 pm) resulted me being A-OK in the morning.  I met up with Mom and Danica, and we went to the Christmas Market at Pine Lodge, where I got a few of the things I really wanted:  a pair of sweater mitts, a Christmas mug, a new decoration for my house, and a container of homemade goodies.   Then Dan and I chilled for the rest of the day, watching movies and old episodes of Full House on Netflix (she loves watching Full House!).  On Sunday, I went to church, took pics for the McCann family, and then settled in to watch Coat of Many Colors with Lindsay, Stacy, and Maddy.  Finished the day off by watching the Redblacks win the Grey Cup with Mom!  What a great weekend!!
I won a boobie prize at the MVT Christmas party... an elephant ornament!  And yes, those are my drunk eyes. yeesh.

I mentioned them above, but I really do LOVE the new sweater mitts I bought from the Sewing Sistas.  So warm and cozy!

I also LOVE the "Coffee & Joy" Christmas mug I bought from Casey Snyder Design.

And I didn't intend on buying any more Christmas decorations, but I LOVE the wooden rustic tree I picked up from Pepere's Workshop.  So happy with my Christmas Market purchases!

I loved going through Shannon, Casey, and Rylie's pictures last night and editing them.  I was a little worried that I hadn't gotten many good ones, but once I really took a good look last night, I was quite pleased with a few of them.  I hope they are happy with them as well!

I so loved watching the Ottawa Redblacks win the Grey Cup on Sunday night!  I'm not much of a football fan, but it was a very exciting game that ended in dramatic fashion, in Overtime.  The Redblacks were the underdogs going into the game, so it was a pretty sweet finish.  My dad was a huge CFL fan, and always cheered for the Ottawa team, so I know he was smiling. :)

Our church's fundraiser Christmas-themed Facebook auction closed over a week ago, and on the last day, my cousin Paula outbid me on the Movie Night In or Out basket that was donated by G&D Appliance Repair.  As it turns out, Paula won the basket and then sent me a message to tell me she got it for me!  I was SO excited!  I picked up my basket last night, and it is just chock-full of everything you need for a perfect Christmas movie night!  A popcorn maker, popcorn containers, my favourite Christmas movie - Miracle on 34th Street, both versions! - snacks, and a two-for-one pass for the movie theatre.  If ever there was a basket made for me, this is the one.  And yes, I do love it, very much so.

Loving that I accomplished my goal of getting pretty much all my Christmas shopping done on my day off Monday!  It was a long and tiring day (my poor mother just about quit on me a few times), but it felt so good to come home, sort through everything, and feel like a big weight was off my shoulders.  I still need a few odds and ends, mostly gift cards - but I can get them locally and there's no rush, it isn't even December yet!

I love that our Girls Christmas get-together is this coming Friday at my place.  We are having a Crazy Christmas Sock Party this year, which I think will be a fun twist on our annual Christmas gathering.  Everyone is to bring a pair of Christmas socks filled with little Christmas goodies and treats, which we will exchange.  (that reminds me, I need to find a game to do the exchange!)  Can't wait to eat, drink & be merry with some of my favourite ladies!

Loving that Saturday is going to be a full-on BAKING DAY!!!  I can't believe I haven't done any baking yet... I'm way behind the ball on that one!  But I bought all the supplies I need, so Saturday will be baking and bark-making,  I'm excited to put on the Christmas tunes and spend the day in the kitchen!

Happy Wednesday pals!!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

5 Things on Thursday: A Weekend of Fun Ahead!

This weekend feels like the OFFICIAL kick-off to the holiday season, and I can't wait to celebrate it!  Here are 5 Things I'm looking forward to this coming weekend:

  1. The Mountainview Christmas Party is TOMORROW!!  It's always my first holiday party of the season - held on the last Friday of November each year - and there is so much wonderfulness about this day.  A delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings, catered right in the MVT shop, where everyone is comfortable and casual and just ready to relax and have fun.  I'm looking forward to a Caesar or two, the mouth-watering meal, listening to some great music from our very own Mountainview "band" (so many talented musicians work here!  they all bring their instruments - including drums! - and set up in the shop, and we literally have music all day from the guys), playing Texas horseshoes, maybe a hand or two of Euchre, and who knows what else the day might bring.  MVT Christmas Party is also the day that Wayne and Pat allow me to start singing Christmas Carols (they established this rule many years ago, when I started humming Christmas tunes right after Halloween... lol) ... so I'll be belting them out loudly starting tomorrow! ;)

  2. Going to the Christmas Market at Pine Lodge on Saturday.  I have somehow always missed out on this event, but not this year.  I talked a LOT about how much I was looking forward to it in my post yesterday, and I can't wait to browse the vendors and local artisans who will be there.  
  3. Having my niece Danica for a sleepover on Saturday night!  It's been a long time since we've had a sleepover, and she's been bugging me for a while about having one.  Her big brother is in a hockey tournament this weekend, so she's going to stay with me.  We're going to get a start on my Christmas baking on Saturday afternoon, and then make popcorn and watch Christmas movies.  A perfect girls night!!
  4. Sunday plans!  Shannon, Casey, and Rylie are coming to visit me after church on Sunday so that I can take their family photos again.  I took their photos last year as well, and it went so well.  Rylie smiled and posed so easily for me.  I have my fingers crossed that we can get some good ones again this year.  After that, I'm having a "Dolly afternoon" with some friends.  Lindsay had never seen Dolly's special "Coat of Many Colors" TV movie that came out last year, so a bunch of us are getting together to watch it.  Dolly's follow-up special, "Christmas of Many Colors" is coming out next week, so it's perfect timing!  And then I'll join my Mom for supper and to watch the Grey Cup.  GO REDBLACKS!!!
  5. A day off on Monday to finish my shopping! My list is pretty small now, thanks to the convenience of on-line shopping, but I'm still looking forward to my shopping day.  I have a list of baking supplies to get at Bulk Barn, stocking stuffers and a few odds and ends to complete some gifts, and I'm just looking forward to a laid-back, fun day in the city with Mom.  I want to eat lunch somewhere nice and stop at Starbucks for a Chestnut Praline Latte in a red holiday cup, browse the stores,  take my time and enjoy it.  I can't wait!
Before I go, I'd like to wish my American bloggy pals a very happy Thanksgiving day!  Enjoy!! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2016 Gift Guide for the Pontiac Girl

I don't know about the rest of you, but Christmas gifts are front and centre in my thoughts these days.  My lists have been made (both gifts to buy & my own wishlist), many on-line orders have been placed, and the parcels have started rolling in at the post office.  I have Monday booked off to go shopping and hopefully after that day, I will be COMPLETELY done!  Phewf!!

I'm also hoping to hit up some of the local shopping in our area this weekend, and I decided today to shine a spotlight on some of those local stores/artisans/vendors who have products that would be a great gift for any Pontiac girl.  I already own some of them, and I'm wishing for others!  Any of these items would be a thrill for me to find in my stocking or under the tree on Christmas morning, and I think I know a few other Pontiac girls who would love them as well.  With this weekend being the "#ShopShawville" event as well as the Christmas Market at Pine Lodge, there will be plenty of opportunity to show some love for local vendors, as well as cross some names off your shopping list.  There will be plenty to please the Pontiac girls (and boys too!)

We'll start out with these new "I'm a Pontiac Girl" Raglan t-shirts, a team effort from Casey Snyder Design & Jolie Folie.

These are the PERFECT shirts for girls to wear to their holiday parties in the Pontiac!  I love how comfy and festive they look, all while promoting that THIS girl is a proud Pontiac girl!!!

The shirts are the latest Pontiac merch from Casey Snyder Design and Jolie Folie.  I already bought my "I'm a Pontiac Girl" mug around the time of Shawville Fair, and it is my favourite mug!

Every Pontiac girl needs one!  OH, and there is a version for the lads as well!

If I was a dude, I would TOTALLY want one of these!!!!

In case you can't tell, I have a thing for mugs.  Kind of a serious obsession, actually.  My cupboards are full of mugs, and I just keep buying more.  I'm looking forward to seeing Casey Snyder Design's table at the Pine Lodge Christmas Market on Saturday, because I have my eye on this mug:
Perhaps a little pre-Christmas gift to myself?!?  We shall see ;)

Once again with Jolie Folie, I have to mention one of my most favourite items that I have purchased from the boutique:  my blanket scarf!  
I know you can get these in many stores, as they are very popular right now, but Jolie Folie has an amazing selection of colours to choose from, and they are soooo nice.  Mine is black and white, but I'm hoping to get a more colourful one this year.

Another of my new favourite local artisans is the Sewing Sistas Boutique.  I didn't even know sisters Ashley and Breanna Hodgins had started up this little venture until I saw them at the Onslow Christmas Craft and Bake Sale a few weeks ago.  Their specialties are hand-sewn mittens like these:

I hear they will be at the Christmas Market this Saturday as well, and I'm hoping to snag a pair of mitts similar to these:
They look so cozy and warm!  And after searching my closet for warmer winter wear this past week with the arrival of the snow, I seem to be severely lacking in the mitt department... toques for days, but can't find matching mittens lol.

The Sewing Sistas also do hand-painted wine glasses, and they are SO cute!  If I was rich, I'd be buying one for each of my friends for this holiday season!
Unfortunately for my friends, I'm a little bit of a selfish brat... so instead of buying one for each of them, I just got one for ME! hahahaha!

I cannot WAIT to drink Moscato from my "Drink Up GRINCHES!" wine glass at every holiday party I go to this year.  I LOVE it!!!  Visit Ashley and Breanna at the Christmas Market on Saturday, you won't be disappointed.

Next up is the company "Funky Leggingz".  This is a company that sells the comfiest leggings in the coolest patterns and colours!  I think there are several reps in our area that sell them.  I bought one pair last winter, and then got another pair from the rep that was at the Onslow Christmas Craft and Bake Sale.  The ones I got are similar to these:

I can't say enough about how much I love these leggings.  With a big cozy sweater, they are perfect for lounging around the house on a snowy winter's day!  The rep I bought from will also be at the Christmas Market on Saturday, so go snag a pair for you or someone on your list!

These are just a few of my favourites, I could go on and on!  I guarantee any of them would be a hit with the "Pontiac Girl" on your list!! Be sure to check out the #ShopShawville event and the Christmas Market at Pine Lodge this weekend and show some love to our local stores, boutiques, vendors, and artisans!

And no, I am not being compensated by any of these great local vendors. In fact, none of them even know I am writing this post! LOL!  I'm just a big fan of shopping local when I can, and I hope all of our local businesses and entrepreneurs have a successful holiday season.  :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wintery Tuesday Random Ramblings

  • I know it's not "officially" winter yet, but winter has arrived with a bang nevertheless.  The snow started on Sunday morning and basically continued right into the night last night.  It was accompanied by blustery winds that have resulted in drifting snow and a lot of cranky people around here.  And because I love the snow and have said so a time or two, it has made me Public Enemy #1. *sigh*

  • I still make no apologies for loving the snow.  As much as I love summer and enjoyed this past one to the max, this is the time of year that fills my heart with delight.  Sunday afternoon, I was so excited to hunker down.  I was in a big cozy sweater and leggings, fuzzy wool socks, curled up on the couch in a blanket while the snow and winds raged outside.  I ordered Christmas presents on-line with the fireplace on TV, then I watched the Toronto Santa Claus Parade. I made popcorn and hot chocolate with lots of little marshmallows.   For supper, I made one of my favourite "winter" meals of macaroni with hamburger and tomato.  With my house already decorated for Christmas, it was literally my perfect kind of day.  Welcome back, winter!!!
  • On Sunday evening for a few hours, I was totally wrapped up in the closing of our church's fundraising Facebook Auction.  The bidding wars really heated up in the last hour, and it was so much fun.  In the end, it was a huge success, making over $5000 towards the building fund project for our church, which is in desperate need of a new roof and other repairs and upgrades.  I was once again reminded of what an amazing community we live in, as so many different people donated items and services for the auction, and so many more were bidding on them.  The support was incredible!!
  • Well, thanks to the convenience of on-line shopping, I would say I now have about three-quarters of my Christmas shopping done.  Pretty much everything I can get online has now been ordered.  I have next Monday booked off for a shopping day to finish up the odds and ends and stocking stuffers, and then I should be completely done my shopping!  That's the one part about Christmas that I find really stressful, so I'll be happy when it's complete.  Then it's just the fun stuff:  Baking and wrapping!!  I LOVE the baking and wrapping!!
  • Friday is our company Christmas Party, and I'm really looking forward to it.  We always have this delicious turkey dinner for lunch, and I'm literally drooling just thinking about the stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy... mmmmm!  I always feel sad that we don't get to have Thanksgiving again with our American pals, but this year I basically will!  And then when it comes to the drinks, I'm going to try to walk the fine line between having fun and being silly, and getting so drunk I throw chunks of ice at other peoples' heads.  (true story, unfortunately.)
  • For the past few weeks, as I've decorated and listened to my favourite Christmas tunes, and watched a few Christmas movies, I've felt the need to clarify that "I know it's too early" - but after this weekend, I don't have to worry about that anymore.  After Friday, the holiday season will officially be open and I don't have to hide my Christmas spirit any longer! YAY!!!
  • The one thing I keep forgetting amid all this holiday hype is that the Grey Cup is on Sunday, and our Ottawa Redblacks are making an appearance in the big game for the second year in a row!  I don't pay a whole lot of attention to football, but I'll be rooting them on on Sunday.  GO REDBLACKS!!!
Happy snowy Tuesday, my friends! :)